Python for Series 60: Excelent development experience

Written By: Tomáš Hubálek - Apr• 22•05

In the past I was writing a few applications for cell phone in Java, but none was finished and released. Main reason why they was not finished was that development took very long time and was too complicated and my enthusiams vanished before project completion.

Python for Series 60 shown that there is real alternative to Java and C++ in mobile apps development.

First difference in comparision with Java is much simpler development with less code and less effort. Python’s GUI API is much less complicated than Java’s without loss of power. It’s very intuitive and you first app you can write after reading short developer’s guide provided by Nokia.

As skilled Java developer I really enjoyed simplicity of Python. No Iterators, no Collections, just tuples, slices etc. No complicated classes that you have to plug properly.

First Python for Series 60 application I wrote is PySafe. It is almost finished, I’m cleaning up code writing comments and preparing web page.

Currently it has about 75% of functionality of HandySafe, about 300 lines of code and was written in public bus during my travel s to work.

P.S. Currently I’m working as Senior Java developer, so Java is my daily bread since 2001, but for development of applications for my Symbian phone I choosen Python. I’m really looking forward new release with graphics API and many improvements.

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