Grails 0.1 Released…

Written By: Tomáš Hubálek - Mar• 31•06

Yesterday I got great news that Grails 0.1 was released. Grails can be killer app for Groovy languages.

Lets imagine Ruby on Rails with your Java investment protection. You don’t need

  • to learn completely new language – it is not so big problem
  • completely new libraries – which is much worse

Groovy has excellent learning curve, first you can take your java code and in most cases it is Groovy code too. Then you can start using groovy typing savers like

Next step can be using GroovyTestCase instead of jUnit’s TestCase and write unit tests in groovy. Then there is very easy work with XML using Builders and GPath. If I have teased you, look at Groovy web site….

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