Mobile Chess Clock: freeware chess clock for all java cell phones

Written By: Tomáš Hubálek - Aug• 14•05
Development of this application is discontinued. It’s successor is Chess Clock for Android

I’m proud inform you that first public beta release of mobile chess clock application was released. Current version is available for virtually every MIDP 1.0/CLDC 1.0 capable device.

It was tested in Siemes SX1, Siemes M55 (see whole article for comments) and Siemens C65 cell phones, but it works in generic J2ME emulator, in Sony Ericsson emulator and in Nokia 6230i emulator.

If you want to try it in your phone point your wap browser to my mobile apps page at and download appropriate version for your phone. At the end of the article you can find direct URLs for download of JAD and JAR files.

Current status of the application:

  • Application works completely on cell phones that have MIDP 2.0 or have at least MM API. It was tested on Siemens SX1 (MIDP 1.0 with MM API) and Siemens C65 (MIDP 2.0).
  • There are some strange NullPointerException on Siemens M55 while playing sounds. I will work on fix…
  • In Nokia 6320i emulator there is Device Error exception, but it may be problem of emulator.

Please try application in your phone and report whether it works, works partially (typically works, but there are problems while playing sounds) or does not work.

URLs for download to your computer

  • Generic Java Capable Phone (without sound support) – should work on virtually every java capable device. Download JAD and JAR.
  • MM API or MIDP 2.0 version – should work on most of modern cell phones (2004 and later models). Download JAD and JAR.
  • Old Siemens phones (Siemens x55) – should work on Siemens M55, C55 and S55. There is currently problem while playing sounds. Download JAD and JAR.

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  1. Vinko says:

    Great little app, too bad it is was not developed further…

  2. jobmof says:

    well but without sounds in a nokia5000d-2

  3. jobmof says:

    would be possible a save or load last values ? ( to be able to go out and return to the program )

  4. Tomáš Hubálek says:

    Nice suggestion for improvement. If there will be new release I can add this feature there.

  5. reza says:

    very good

  6. Leon Miklosik says:

    OK job! It is possible to switch the second clock? And to simplify the control?

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